Dalian Haimu International Cargo Agent Co. Ltd. was founded in March 2006.The company is dedicated to supplying professional logistics service to its customers.The businesses include ship rental, cabin booking, customs declaration and inspection, storage logistics, truck transportation of containers, as well as the consulting and planning of the logistics of projects .
    Relying on the professional experience accumulated over the many years and the persistent endeavoring of the company, Haimu International Cargo Agent has earned wide support from the customers and outstanding reputation in the industry.
    Standing in Huabei and looking toward the world is the strategic goal of the company.Right now, the company has set up branches in Tianjin, Qingdao, and Haerbin.Its service network covers the whole of Huabei and laid a solid foundation for the net-operation of the company.
    To extend the service of the company and to optimize the resources of the company, the company founded a professional container transportation company, Dalian Jin’an Logistics Co., Ltd. in a joint venture, which provides robust support and assurance in providing a coordinated process of logistics service to the customers of the company.Haimu International Cargo Agent, let us be better!

Introduction of Dalian Jin’an Logistics Co., Ltd.
    In response to the call to establish Dalian as the center of shipping and transportation in the Northeast, optimizing and fully utilizing the advantages of the resources of the shareholders in shipping, cargo delegation, consigner, and vehicle team management, relying on the confidence and passion of the shareholders in ocean shipping, transportation, business, and cargo delivery delegation business, Dalian Jinan Logistics Co., Ltd. was created in the February of 2005.
    To adjust to the characteristics that the winter of the Northeast is heavy in snow, thus the cargoes are mostly resource cargoes, which are heavy in weight, the company purchased ten twin driving axle heavy container truck.Superb vehicle equipment, professional management team, and the well developed management system provides the assurance for the vehicle team to better serve the customers.
    Jin’an Logistics pursues to provide service to the vast import and export cargo consignees and consigners, joint venture companies, foreign sole proprietary companies, shipping companies, as well as cargo forwarding and logistics companies.“Upkeep of promises, comfort in peace and harmony ” is the corporate spirit of the company.Under the guidance of this spirit, relying on the superb hardware and software equipments, outstanding reputation in customs, storage field, port, shipping companies, and the various port departments, we will never betray your trust.We will become the most dependable segment on the logistics chain of your company.

Corporate Tenet

Customers first     Professional service    Team cooperation    Return to the society

Customers first : Customers are the origin of the life of the company.Without customers, the company loses all.
Professional service : The value of the company is to provide the customers with professional and extraordinary logistics service.To fulfill the demands of the customers is the ultimate goal the company pursues.
Team spirit : Logistics service cannot be separated from the faithful cooperation of the whole team of the company.Teamwork spirit is the basic attainment of the employees of the company.
Return to the society : The company is viewed as a cell of the society.Endeavoring in developing the business of the company, raising employment, reciprocate the employees with a good living and working platform, to become a company which is capable of participating in public welfares is the ultimate goal of the company.

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